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 Thank you for visiting The Fountain Guys. We manufacture floating pond fountains, display aerators, pond lighting and accessories which add beauty while increasing aeration to your pond. We serve both residential pond owners and commercial customers nationally. Our clients include fish hatcheries, golf courses, college campuses, apartment complexes, corporate displays, homeowners associations and private lakes and ponds. Pond aerators and pond fountains are essential for clarifying pond water, the additional aeration and circulation helps reduce new algae growth and provides greater levels of oxygen, allowing aquatic life to thrive. We help simplify the pond fountain/aerator selection process, it is our goal to help explain the differences between them and which will perform best in the control of algae, destratification, and eliminating unwanted waterborne pests. We offer both pre-packaged pond fountains and custom built packages designed for your specific needs.

We have been manufacturing pond fountains since 1999, many of our original pond fountains are still providing service for our clients. Every season we bring new ideas to the industry. As pump technology improves we incorporate these changes, whether it be in volume, pressure, or electrical efficiency. Our ability to customize your pond fountain sets us apart from others in the industry. We can duplicate many of the more expensive displays for a fraction of the cost with our RHP series pond fountains. We have proven that "Low Cost" does not mean low quality.

Many of our pond fountain pumps, floats, lights and timers will work with other brands sold online, please feel free to ask if something we offer will work on yours and help you save.
We look forward to hearing from you.

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